New Standard Of Care for Outpatient Pain Therapy

The PainGuard™ postoperative ambulatory pain pump is a real game changer that makes a clear difference in the therapy outcome and the way monitoring and communication with the outpatient is carried out.

The revolutionary pain pump PainGuard™, is based on unique innovative State-Of-The-Art Technology and will make a clear difference in the therapy outcomes, facilitated by the built-in remote monitoring and communication App based solution.

All necessary Therapy Parameters are set via Bluetooth-BLE in the Clinician App.

Real Time Therapy Data and communication with the patients at their home is carried out over Wi-Fi in the Patient App.

The PainGuard™ Pump is used to administer anesthetic medication during Continuous Peripheral Nerve Block (CPNB), Continuous Wound Infiltration (CWI) and/or Epidural Anesthesia and is designed to be used at hospitals, clinics and at patients’ homes.

The PainGuard™ – Simply a better design that’s more effective in controlling the Outpatient Pain Therapy, and through its modern App Technology delivering the safe information exchange you need to better serve your patients.